Walt Martin

Walt-MartinWalt Martin, with the encouragement of Michael Stephenson, started the NCSE in 2009. He plays baritone sax, wrangles sheet music, and acts as the central contact for the group. In the past he played alto, tenor and baritone sax for The Village Band in Chapel Hill, NC, and was a substitute bari player in the Triangle Jazz Orchestra.

While with The Village Band, he served as president for several years. Walt has also played with the University of North Carolina Bands, the University of North Carolina Saxophone Studio, the Chapel Hill Philharmonia, substituted in Triangle Wind Ensemble and performed with the University of North Carolina Pauper Players in their pit orchestra.

He is a senior analyst/programmer with the UNC Health Care system during the day and plays with (in addition to the NCSE) the Vance/Granville Community Band and the Duke University Wind Symphony.