Title Composer Style Instrumentation*
from "Symphonic Metamorphosis"
Hindemith Classical SSSAAAATTTBBBBa
Overture to the Marriage of Figaro Mozart Classical SSSAAAATTTBBBa
Little Organ Fugue in G Minor Bach Classical SSSAAAATTTBBBa
Overture to Candide Bernstein/Burke Classical SSAAAATTBB
Liberty Bell March Sousa March SATB
Salvation is Created Tschesnokoff/Ledford Classical SSAAAATTTBBBa
Primavera Portena Piazzolla/Estoppey Modern SSSAAATTBBBa
Suite in Olden Style
from Holberg's Time
Grieg/Worley Classical SSAAAATTBBBa
Shetland Sequence Steele Traditional SATB
Two Dances Joplin Rag SAATB
Bolero Ravel Classical SSAAATTTBB
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite King March SSAAAATTBBa 

S: Soprano A: Alto T: Tenor B: Baritone Ba: Bass